Escorted Journey Questions | Craig Travel

What happens if the group is too small to provide an escort?

On most ocean cruises, we will proceed with all planned arrangements while group members will be assisted by local representatives. For tours, we will normally have to cancel the group unless we have sufficient interest to operate the itinerary with a local guide/escort in the destination. Decisions regarding escorts are usually made about 60 days prior to the departure date.

What is the role of the Tour Leader / Escort?

Our leaders are responsible for the well being of the group and all its members. They act as our representative when dealing with our many suppliers along the way and they are responsible to ensure that those suppliers fulfill their obligations as per our agreements with them. They are also responsible for the spiritual and material well being of all members of the group - they are to ensure that you have a good time. Please appreciate that while our leaders are NOT guides, they will do all possible to obtain answers to any of your questions.