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Cheers to 50 Years and Beyond!

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of our 50th Anniversary Contest!

Thank you for being a part of our 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 2019! Throughout the year, we've enjoyed sharing one of your best memories every week on this page, and rewarding each of our lucky participants with 500 CT Points.  Additionally, our special Anniversary Trivia Contest was a fun and exciting way to win CT Points to put towards future Craig Travel group journeys, and we thank everyone who sent in their answers.  All of our trivia participants were entered into our grand prize draw, and it's finally time to announce our winner...

Congratulations to our lucky winner John Ecclestone!  John has won 50,000 CT points, worth a cash equivalent of $1,000 in points to be used towards his next exciting group journey.   


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Even though our 50th Anniversary Celebrations are drawing to a close, this timeless collection of travel memories continues!  Keep sharing your best travel photos and memories by emailing us at:

Make sure to include your name, the trip and the year of travel, and any photos you would like to share with the Craig Travel audience.  We look forward to hearing from you, and creating many more wonderful travel memories together!

Week 50

Rounding out our 50th Anniversary is Gary Smith's Best Memory. Gary is a long time member of the Craig Travel Family sharing countless adventures with us across the globe. His Best Memory is being on safari in Africa, but he has so much more to share...

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Gary, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!  

Week 49

Bob Ferguson's Memory of Southern Africa

"We were on our trip of Southern Africa and going from Zambia to Botswana. We had to cross the Zambezi River. But there was no bridge to cross the river. Our group had to cross the river in an outboard motor boat. Our guide asked for volunteers to go on the first trip across the river with the groups’ luggage. We volunteered, so after the suitcases were loaded on the boat, we got on and were driven across the river. Our job, after the luggage was unloaded was to “guard” it! The boat went back to get the rest of our group. Once the motor boat was loaded, it proceeded to cross the river again. I was able to take a photo of the rest of the Craig Travel group crossing an international boundary in an outboard motor boat! It’s a unique photo as I’m the only one who has a copy of it. I’ll always remember this special event in a wonderful trip of Southern Africa."

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Bob, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!  

Week 48

Joyce Poth Remembers Her First Escorted Journey

"A trip that changed Richard and my retirement plans is my best memory. After going to China and India, as clients, with David and Roslyn as our tour leaders, we asked David if there might be an opportunity for us to become leaders. We had the unexpected opportunity to step into the leaders role on our next planned trip to the Antarctic with Craig Travel in 2006 when the assigned leader canceled due to illness.

Over the next ten years, we successfully led over 25 trips together. Passengers said we made a good team because Richard assumed the logistics lead whereas I took on the social aspect of our duo. After Richard’s short illness and death in 2016, I decided to lead the trips on my own.  I am very appreciative of the wonderful friends and experiences I have had and look forward to my planned trips in 2020 and 2021 and hopefully beyond. Craig Travel has definitely made a difference in our shared lives and now on my own. Thank you for the opportunity!" 

Thank you for sharing that heartfelt memory with us Joyce, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 47

Barbara Syke's Best Memory in the Antarctic

"As a dog lover, I have long believed that we underestimate the intelligence of animals. This was proven to me on a Craig Cruise to the Antarctic in 2011. We had marvellous weather which allowed 7 landings to walk among penguins and experience other adventures. The Gentoo penguins knew how and when to steal rocks from other penguins to build their nests, but also knew when to cooperate to protect eggs and chicks from skua. The most remarkable cooperation among wildlife was viewed from the deck of the Fram. We were cruising among orca when we spotted a leopard seal lying on a floe. The orca pod swam quickly around the floe, forming an eddy. They then manoeuvered to rock the unstable floe, sliding the terrified seal into the water. In spite of the inclination to root for the prey you had to admire the ingenuity of the orca."

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Barbara. Seeing the local wildlife is always such a thrill on any of our journeys, and we absolutely love seeing everyone's incredible photos and stories upon their return to Canada!

Week 46

Frank and Barbara Gamra's Best Memory in Rajasthan

"A memorable moment comes to mind...not only do you enjoy the food on your travels, but to have the opportunity to see how it  is made is a bonus, especially if you are a cook. Here in this photo is the making of naan bread by a local, a real labour of love to the taste buds. Served daily on our trip to Rajasthan, India, 2017. "

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Frank and Barbara, we do agree that seeing how others cook and tasting local dishes are a bonus when travelling.  There are so many places in the world where we can indulge our inner foodie and enjoy ethnic traditions and flavours!

Week 45

Enid Corbett’s Battlefields Memory in Normandy

“One of my most memorable moments was at the Falaise Gap on this tour. Our local tour guide was an expert on American Battlefields but had limited knowledge of the Canadian Battlefields. However, we had two ex-artillery officers in the group. At the belvedere overlooking the valley, one officer set the scene, where the troops were, and why this area was so important. The second officer continued with the story about the battle which included air strikes by Canadians on the German troops. Some airplanes were shot down by ground fire. At the end of our talk, one of the women in our group said “Now I know what happened to my brother”. She had been a young girl when her much older brother left for war. She never saw him again. Later that day, we visited his grave in a nearby Commonwealth Cemetery.”

Enid has been part of the Craig Travel family since 2000 and has taken 17 trips with us. Thank you for sharing your best memory with us, we look forward to seeing you on a future journey!


Week 44

Donna Rombough’s Best Safari Memory in Africa

“South Africa, East Africa….the wonderful memories of my time on this truly amazing continent are many; a lion on the lodge’s lawn in Chobe Park, Botswana, watching us board our jeeps pre-dawn; a herd of elephants crossing the dirt road mere feet in front of us; a cheetah languishing lazily, high in a tree; the stunning coastline of the Cape Peninsula outside the stunning city of Capetown; Table Mountain; a welcome dinner at Africa Café with its delicious delicacies and colourful wait staff who performed traditional songs and dance; an enlightening visit to a soup kitchen at Plettenberg Bay; sharing a meal at the home of wonderful South Africans; the Apartheit Museum and the riveting commentary there by our unforgettable guide, Beverley; experiencing Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and overnighting at the historic Victoria Falls Hotel.  In East Africa, experiencing the “kill” of an antelope by a very hungry lion; not a happy experience but one I will never forget; the incomparable blue of the African sky and the backdrop as it sets with Acacia trees in the foreground.  The list goes on….”

Donna Rombough is a group escort at Craig Travel and has led groups of travellers on countless tours and cruises to many parts of the world and delights in sharing new experiences and cultures with her travellers.  Click here to learn more about one of Donna's thrilling experinces discovering nature's earthly wonders! Thank you for sharing one of your best travel memories with us Donna! 

Week 43

Alan McMahon's Best Memory in Lisbon

"We have taken 7 incredible trips with Craig Travel and have many memories of the wonderful sights we have seen and the people we have met.  It is hard to choose just one, but there is an event that stands out in our minds.  In 2015, we took the inaugural Douro River Cruise, escorted by Nick and Pam Cannon. It was a great trip!  On the final day, while waiting in the Departure Lounge at Lisbon Airport, we were delayed by a mechanical problem with the plane.  Eventually it became obvious we would not be on that plane.  Nick and Pam immediately went to work to organize a different flight.  Unfortunately there were no other flights that day.  The Cannons somehow arranged for us to return to our hotel and we were all given rooms, in spite of the fact that we had been told that the hotel was sold out!  We were all able to relax while Nick and Pam returned to the airport and by working all day, managed to find flights for all of us to get to our destinations the next day.  This required lots of coordination as they found the best solution for each of us.  After such a tiring day, we were shocked to see them in the hotel lobby the next morning at 3 am to see us off, as we were the first to depart.

This quality of service is the reason we choose to travel with Craig Travel."

Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Alan McMahon, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 42

Alex and Margaret Whitla’s Best Memory at Ayer’s Rock in 2003

“Our best memory was seeing Ayer's Rock in Australia in the pouring rain with waterfalls running down the sides of the rock where it is normally very dry.  Alex remembers them saying that it hadn't rained for over a year."

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Alex and Margaret, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!  We hope you create many more memories on a future journey! 

Week 41

Diane Sweeney's Best Memory on the Danube in 2015

"This was a special time, it’s what started my love of river cruises! My dad and my sisters having a fun time. It was made even more special because he passed away a month later. What wonderful memories we have.  Mark Aitchison was the host and we all enjoyed!  Paris to Lyon and down the Danube October 2015. #familylove"

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us Diane, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!  We’re happy the time you spent on your river journey together was precious and will forever be a cherished memory, what travel experiences are all about!

Week 40

Linda Cousins' best memory in Oberammergau in 1984

"In 1984 I travelled with Craig Travel on what was known then as a ‘Craig Canadian Churchman Tour’ (the name of the national Anglican Church of Canada newspaper at the time). It was the Medieval Tour - which included the 350th Anniversary production of the Oberammergau Passionspiele. The trip turned out to be more wonderful than I could have imagined, but in the beginning risked turning into a nightmare rather than a dream. Our local tour guide seemed not to know quite where we were going much of the time and wasn’t really providing any information as we travelled, so some of our trip members jumped in and provided tons of helpful history and information as we progressed. It turns out that he was in the midst of a ‘nervous breakdown’ and we deposited him at the psychiatric hospital in Munich when we arrived there. He was soon replaced by ‘Joe’ who was a retired linguistics professor and more than made up for what we may have missed in the first part of our tour.  The passionspiele was held in the morning and afternoon, and I look forward to the new format of afternoon and evening when I return in 2020 on the ‘Wonders of Italy’ trip - staying at the same hotel as in 1984!"

What a trip and what a memory! We are happy to know the chaotic start of the trip did not bring the troops down and that you had such an unforgettable experience at the Passion Play! Thank you so much for sharing this memory with us, Linda! We look forward to experiencing the Passion Play with you again, with a much smoother start this time! 

Week 39

Steve and Frances King's best memory in Caucasus in 2018

"Dear Craig Travel – you asked for our best Craig Travel memory.  Without a doubt it is our 2018 visit to the 14th century Tsminda Sameba Trinity Church in Kazbegi, Georgia (Treasures of the Caucasus).  It was a crystal clear day and the view from the heights of the church, with the mountains in the background,  were absolutely fabulous.  This photo is of Frances and myself, enjoying the fantastic views!  And might I add, the journey was exceptionally well hosted by David and Roslyn."

Thank you for sharing your best memory in Kazbegi, Georgia Steve and Frances!  We hope you create many more great memories on a future journey!

Week 38

Beth Schlueter's best memory in South Africa

"When thinking of our trip to South Africa the moment that always come to mind is an early morning safari in Kruger National Park. As we were driving slowly down one of the park roads the driver stopped and motioned us to be quiet. Out of the morning mists walked a family of elephants led by a huge and I assume old matriarch. Elephants of varying sizes, ages and sex followed her. She stopped and seemed to be waiting for the entire family to gather. While this was happening two baby elephants started playing, running and having fun. Suddenly they hooked trunks and played “tug of war” so it seemed. I was so engrossed in their antics that I entirely forgot my camera and so, consequently, have no pictures of the fun except in my memory. As Beverley Gossayn, our National guide, said one day … “put down the cameras and just be in the moment”. When everyone was present the matriarch led them across the road in front of our jeep. The wonderful giants of Kruger."

Thank you for sharing your best memory in Kruger National Park, South Africa Beth!  We hope you create many more great memories on a future journey!

Week 37

Diane Seary's best memory in Morocco

"Sifting through my treasure trove of travel memories, I wondered how I could pick just one to call “my best”... After all, I’ve now enjoyed no less than 8 journeys with Craig Travel (and the 9th one is coming up this month)! And then it came to me… One of the best had to be – Sunrise over the Sahara.  

Because we had to leave our hotel in Erfoud at 4.30 a.m., we knew it would be cold. So, with everyone dressed in layers, we set off in the dark in a fleet of SUVs, under a small sliver of silver moon. The drive to the dunes of the Sahara took an hour-and-a-half over gravelly ground, until we came to a hotel – where we were to have breakfast after sunrise. Under the deepest black of a velvety night sky, we could see little detail – and followed one another, towards the highest sand dune on the horizon, outlined by a faint glow from the east.  My husband and I chose to stand with Mohammed, our guide, and one of our fellow travellers, while on other sand dunes around us, other members of our group stood in quiet clusters.
The sky grew steadily more golden and lighter as day approached, and at 6.43 a.m. the fiery sun broke over the ridge of the high dune which rose before us. As daylight became ever stronger, we four made our way down the soft slopes that gave beneath our feet, filling our shoes with sand, until we reached firmer ground.  Mohammed, had stayed with us the whole time we were out on the sand dunes, keeping us amused and entertained, pointing out - as the light grew steadily stronger - the tiny tracks of various animals in the sand at our feet. We purchased a souvenir from him then; a small black stone dish, embedded with tiny fossils.
We headed back to the hotel, now clearly visible, where inside, a large, generous and delicious buffet breakfast had been set up for us. Our group were all gathered again, glad to be inside in the warm, and very pleased with the unique experience we’d all had. When it was finally time to return to Erfoud, the fleet of Toyota Land Cruisers left the paved road again and crossed the flat, gravelly desert, driving fast. And as we fanned out, and each driver chose a route that would keep him out of his fellow drivers’ dust, I imagined I could almost hear the triumphant music heralding our return from the limitless sands of the mighty Sahara Desert. 
This experience was indeed the highlight of our journey to Spain & Morocco, and happened in November 2009, during our 2nd trip with Craig Travel.  Our first had been the year before, to Japan, to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary – and since then, I have had many other interesting and worthwhile journeys with Craig Travel. Congratulations on your own 50 years Anniversary!"

Thank you so much for your best wishes and for sharing this thrilling moment in the Sahara Desert! We hope you have many more similar stories to share with us after your trip this month.

Week 36

Marie Loyer's best memory in Antarctica

"I loved to travel with my husband. I had no worries.  He was a genius at orientation, driving all over Europe: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Scandinavian countries in particular. When he passed away, that safety and comfort disappeared. Several trips through Canada’s Northwest Passage teased my appetite to visit the South Pole and compare the polar bear to the penguin and other inhabitants. Recommended by a friend who knew some of the origins of “Craig Travel”, I discovered a company with exciting trips and a firm commitment to service to its clients. This was in 2004, a cruise to Antarctica for the company’s 35th anniversary!! A snowstorm hit Ottawa on the morning of departure. The Toronto office staff urged us to leave early, as stand-by, in order to make the connecting flight out of Toronto for Chile. Warmly greeted at the airport by David and Roslyn we were off for a real adventure. Arriving early in warm and humid Santiago, my entire luggage failed to show up. “No problem” said David “just go down this main shopping avenue, get the essentials and we will sort this out”! The bags did arrive, just in time three days later, at Puerto Montt, the last motor road on Chile’s pacific coast! The snowdrifts in Ottawa are no comparison to the glacier covered mountain ranges and the humongous floating icebergs of the “White continent” down under! The penguins slowly ambling their way to the seashore resembled muffled Canadians negotiating icy sidewalks. A sight to behold! The only penguin that did not waddle was the ship’s mascot biding me a cuddly “Au Revoir” in Rio de Janeiro.
Antarctica is special because I found a tour company that spares no effort to support its travellers: from welcoming sales agents and office staff; group escorts, selected for their interest, knowledge, and people skills; the CT sharing program which entices me to continue travelling to exotic places like Ecuador, staying with David and Roslyn at the Sacha Lodge, Napo River jungle; to camel riding in the heart of Australia, to name a few! As an active “octogenarian” I am thankful to have found Craig Travel. My “bucket list” chosen from their world offerings is yet to be depleted."

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Marie. Thank you for your loyalty and the trust you have put in us to help you experience our beautiful world. We are thrilled to hear you have had so many good experiences with us by your side and hope for so many more!

Week 35

Sally Pilyk's best memory in Chobe National Park, Botswana

"On our last afternoon safari we returned to the elephant carcass we saw that morning. The vultures were on the beast with one male lion nearby. From nearby we heard a lion roar. The lion guarding the elephant roared a few times in response. Then there was another roar from a third lion. It was spine-tingling! As we continued we saw blue waxbills, yellow-billed kites, a flock of spoonbills flying, and a slender mongoose with black-tipped tail. A huge elephant stepped out of the bushes so close to our vehicle that it filled my view-finder. It stood and watched us for a while then ambled across the road toward the river. After a ‘sundowner’ in the late afternoon, our safari continued along the edge of the grass-lands beside the river. We saw a mixture of animals including kudu, water buck, wart hogs and giraffes including one having a drink. Further along we had another fantastic sighting! A pride of 17 lions emerged from the undergrowth right beside our vehicles. They sauntered around us as we kept our voices low and our movements slow. One was so close I could have touched him if I reached out, which of course I didn’t! Off in the distance were a herd of impala and a herd of elephants. The pride was composed of four or five mature females and the rest were youngsters of varying ages. The older males had started to develop manes. The pride moved slowly toward the herds but the impala did not stick around long. We were concerned that one elephant baby and its mother were separated from the herd. When they saw the lions, they started to move closer to the others. It was interesting to watch how the lead lions moved forward, crouched down, let the others move up and then repeated the process. Most of the pride had been sent toward the herd of elephants while the three largest female lions moved to isolate the baby elephant. By this time, the sun was setting and we had to leave to be back at the lodge before 7pm. The next morning the Rangers told us the hunt had been unsuccessful. Being so close to a wild elephant, hearing the lions roar, and then being in the middle of a pride on lions on the hunt was something I will remember forever!"  

Thank you so much for sharing this out-of-the-ordinary experience, Sally! We hope to see you soon on another adventure of this kind!

Week 34

Gwynneth Heaton's best memory at the Pena Palace, Portugal

"I have many good memories of my trips with Craig Travel, but one of the best memories is my time on the "Enticing Douro" trip in Portugal escorted by Barbara Sykes, Sept 3 - Oct 11, 2016.  I loved the river trip, but I really remember fondly the land trip before the river trip when we toured Lisbon and Serra de Sintra and its Pena Palace - an amazing colourful and huge castle, decorated with pink and yellow walls.  It is also called the Palacio Nacional da Pena, and Lonely Planet says "this is a wacky confection of onion domes," but I liked it."

Portugal is full of surprising monuments and sights like the Pena Palace. Thank you for sharing your memory about such an intriguing landmark, Gwynneth. We hope to see you on another river cruise or adventure soon!

Week 33

Kathy Avey's best memory at Uluru, Australia

"A camel ride at Uluru is one of my favourite travel memories. The sun started to set and the shadows were amazing as we rode in the “Outback”. It seemed that you could see for miles and when the sun set, the sky was full of stars."

Uluru is a magical place where incredible experiences can be lived! We are glad you got to explore Australia's desert from a different perspective! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kathy and we hope to see you soon on another unforgettable adventure. 

Week 32

Joan Ferguson's best memory in Peru

 "In 2017, I finally made it on one of my bucket list trips... Peru. It was a wonderful trip with Craig Travel, and while Machu Picchu was a highlight, Lake Titicaca and the Floating Islands were quite a surprise, and just as awesome. When we arrived at one of the floating islands we were warmly welcomed by the Uro people. It was amazing to learn how the man made reed islands are constructed, maintained, lashed together and replaced after 30 years. Whith few modern amenities, it is a way of life that must be seen to be believed. While not as well known as Machu Picchu, this is a part of Peru that is not to be missed!"

Thank you for sharing this heartwarming memory, Joan! We hope you will have the opportunity to appreciate many more unforgettable encounters on future Craig Travel adventures!

Week 31

Wayne Harrigan's best memory in Venice, Italy

"Milestone birthdays are often memorable anyway. However, to celebrate turning 70, my wife Barb and I booked the cruise with Craig Travel which started in Venice and ended in Barcelona - every stop was new to us. Our first few days were spent in Venice exploring a city which provides breathtaking views in every direction. On April 30, my 70th birthday, we started with a guided two-hour walking tour with our Craig group. Barb and I found a wonderful street cafe for lunch together, then I did more walking in the afternoon. We had a gelato break around 4, our gondola rides at 6, delicious dinner at Ristorante da Raffaele, with a rousing happy birthday sung to me by our Craig fellow travellers. What a great memory!"

Thank you for sharing this joyful memory with us, Wayne. Who knows, maybe we will get to celebrate another milestone all together?  

Week 30

Leslie Gisburn's best memory in Antarctica

 "I went on an Antarctic Cruise with Craig Travel in January 2013. It certainly was a most exciting adventure, one not easily forgotten. It was very hard to pick a photo from such a monumental trip. We sailed from Ushuaia to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. We experienced the world’s most dramatic scenery in Zodiacs that took us very close to massive icebergs. One is never the same after visiting the White Continent. Antarctica exerts a powerful attraction due to its location and leads the adventurer to have to see it in person. Craig Travel included Buenos Aires, a fantastic city which we visited pre and post of our cruise. I look forward to many more travel experiences."

What an incredible experience that must have been! Thank you for sharing your story with us, Leslie! We hope to see you soon an another unforgettable adventure.

Week 29

Sirpa Haikonen's best memory in Israel and Jordan

"This trip was very special and spiritual. Travelling the footsteps of Jesus with a baptism in the Jordan River led by Pastor Brian was a memory that will always hold a special place in my heart. But my best memory was in Wadi Rum, Jordan where I could let go and feel like “Lawrencia” of Arabia. This left me breathless. How often can you blend all these moments in one trip! This was my second trip with Craig travel. The Hill Towns of Tuscany and Umbria was our first with a third one in 2020 - The Heart of Europe featuring The Passion Play in Oberammergau. I am looking forward to more lifetime experiences. Thank you Craig Travel!" 

Thank you so much for sharing these incredible pictures and memory with us, Sirpa. We look forward to sharing more adventures with you next year!


Photo courtesy of Ebbe Jalser

Week 28

Carroll Graham's best memory in Papua New Guinea

"These wonderful children in Papua New Guinea gave up their Saturday to come and show their school to their Canadian visitors. Those was just one of the many heartfelt and unique experiences on the 50th Anniversary Spice Island Cruise. This was truly a holiday of contrasts. We started in amazing Singapore, a city of tall, structurally unique buildings reflecting entrepreneurs who were successful, and travelled south to many islands where the inhabitants struggle to eke out a living. Some of these islands had seen very few tourists and although we can be somewhat overwhelming, all of the locals were warm and welcoming. At times I felt like I was reliving Gilligan’s Island, walking through the lush undergrowth, walking along the beautiful sand beaches and swimming and snorkeling in the aqua blue Pacific waters. On Conflict Island, a privately held island, the local people from other islands came to demonstrate their local dances and to sell their local carvings and baskets. They are true entrepreneurs in their own right also. The programme on board the ship was outstanding. On sea days we had the opportunity to listen to a variety of lectures that opened our minds to the idea of the search for spices enticing exploration. We were also informed of the history of each of the islands we were to visit prior to arriving there and heard from a number of researchers of the many projects being taken to protect the Reef and investigate the marine life of the area. Ending up in Brisbane with its history and a visit to a wildlife park where I could walk among kangaroos and emus was the perfect end to this once in a lifetime experience. Did I mention I got to cuddle a Koala! Oh Yeah!"

What an incredible summary of your month long exploration of the South Pacific. It made us all wish we joined you on this celebratory cruise. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Carroll, and for capturing this little kid's heartwarming smile! We hope to see you on another Craig Travel adventure soon!

Week 27

Laura and Frank Crampton's best memory in Oberammergau, Germany

"Frank's mother was born in the Black Forest region of southern Germany and emigrated to Ireland as a young girl. Her three visits to Oberammergau to see the Passion Play and tour her homeland instilled in her the desire for her children to have the same experience. 
In 2010 we had the awesome experience of taking a tour to the Heart of Europe, including Oberammergau with Craig Travel. The wonderful places came alive with the commentary by the best tour guides. The tour bus, accommodations, and meals were superb. Each city we visited had ancient places of worship reflecting the glory of God and preparing us for the Passion Play at Oberammergau. The hotel at Oberammergau in the heart of the village captured the emotion of the area, and where some of the staff participated in the Passion Play." 

Thank you Laura and Frank for sharing your unique experience at the Passion Play, truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it only occurs once every decade. We hope to see you on another adventure soon, and who knows, maybe on a 2020 Passion Play adventure

Week 26

Bill and Linda Davis' best memory in Peru

"In 2009 we travelled with a Craig tour to Peru. Our Craig Group Escort on that trip was Margaret Smith (the singin padre). On about the fifth day we were due to travel by train from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. We were in the train station and just moments before we were to board the train one of the ladies in our group missed a step, fell and broke her arm. She was given prompt first aid by our group escort and the station personnel. She was able to board the train and continue with us to Machu Picchu. On arrival in Machu Picchu the Craig Group Escort arranged for this lady to go to a medical clinic to have a cast put on her arm. The rest of the group continued on without her to visit the wonderful ruins of Machu Picchu. Early the next morning, before we were to board the train, our group escort arranged for a special vehicle to take our travelling companion up to the Machu Picchu site. She never missed this highlight of the trip. The lady was in fact able to continue for the balance of our tour to Cusco, the train ride to Lake Titicaca and the Amazon River portion before returning to Toronto to have addition medical help. This special handling of a difficult medical situation has left us understanding and appreciating the value of a Craig associate accompanying their tours."

Thank you for sharing the value of having a Group Escort throughout your Peruvian adventure. We do make a point of having well-travelled and experienced Group Escorts on most of our journeys to ensure a stressless and 100% enjoyable experience for all Craig Travellers! Thank you Bill and Linda! We hope to see you on another adventure soon!

Week 24

Carol Moule's best memory in South Africa

"It was dawn in Chobe Park.  Our Range Rover was beside a watering hole. There were two young lions tussling while the rest of the pride were drinking nearby. After a few minutes, the whole group began to move away from the water. As they made their way towards the track, we moved with them.... right in the middle of all the lions. Wow!!  Also, we were the first rover group to see the three new kits that had not been seen previously. The trip to South Africa, with Chobe Park, remains our favourite trip."

South Africa is a Craig Travel favourite! Thank you for sharing this incredible memory and outstanding picture with us. We look forward to welcoming you on another unique adventure.      

Week 23

Beverley A. White's best memory in the Channel Isles

"In 2014, I was all set to go on a Craig Russian waterways river cruise with a friend. We paid for the trip... when the Russians began serious sabre-rattling against the Ukraine. We did not approve! Craig Travel obliged us with a change. We went to the Channel Islands instead with a penalty of only $50! We thoroughly enjoyed the Channel Islands.... surprises everyday! I still talk about my visit to a BAILIWICK! A wonderful place to visit...even seeing old Red Cross 14 pound boxes of food sent monthly to the islands during the last part of WW2... from Canadian  schoolchildren (and others). I was one of them, remembering a significant part of my wartime years." 

Thank you for sharing your best memory, Beverley! We are so happy to hear your first Craig Travel adventure was so full of delightful surprises. Thank you for being part of the Craig Travel family! 


Week 22

Christa and Gary Naylor's best memory in Iran

"This was the trip of our lifetime, having visited over 100 countries now. It was a memorable Craig trip #14. #15 to Antarctica will be happening for us this February...and we will then be in the President's Club! Thanks, Roslyn and David!"

Welcome to the President's Club, Christa and Gary! Your patronage means a lot to us. Thank you for experiencing our world with us and our dedicated group escorts!


Week 21

Frances Kurzreiter's best memory at Ayers Rock, Australia

"Australia and New Zealand are equally memorable for their spectacular scenic beauty. However, my favourite memory was in the Outback, enthralled by the sun setting and disappearing behind Ayers Rock or Uluru. After experiencing the Sounds of Silence dinner, I will never forget the night sky with its myriads of twinkling stars. I felt truly awed by the beauty and vastness of our universe and my small place in it. It was an experience I will never forget!"

What a beautiful experience this must have been on your first Craig Travel journey, Frances! Thank you for sharing your story with us and we look forward for more adventures together!

Week 20

Mary Catherine Robb's best memory in Sicily, Italy

"Travelling consists of a few essential benefits. Places to see, things to do and lots to learn are some of these but so are your travel companions. My favourite moment(s) is meeting fellow travellers, making friends and travelling with them subsequent trips. It is invigorating to read the participant list and exclaim, “Oh, ‘Jane and Bill’ will be on the trip with us”. Even without knowing any of the others before leaving, it is great to anticipate meeting new people. Some of our best friends are people whom we have met travelling. We still look forward to travelling where we will share the adventure with friends, new and old."

Mary Catherine and her husband Andrew have been part of the Craig Travel family since 2000. For almost two decades they have taken part of 20 Craig Travel adventures both as avid travellers and Group Escorts. Maybe you have travelled with them as well? 


Week 19

Adele Johnson's best memory in Rajasthan, India

The Craig adventure was Rajasthan: Deserts, Castles and Palaces escorted by Mary Taylor in October 2017. My trip to India, accompanied by my daughter, was my third with Craig and was memorable on many levels, not the least of which was the group of wonderful people with whom we had the good fortune to travel! The following is an excerpt from my annual Christmas “epistle” sent to family and friends in December of that year. I think that it may fit with your collection of 50 memories even though it reads more as a “memory collage” rather than as a single recollection.

India defies description; the contrasts are remarkable. We slept in tents in the Thar Desert, then in the former palace of a Maharaja. We woke up in a 5 star hotel one morning, then explored an ancient Hindu cave temple, tiptoeing barefoot through bat droppings, that afternoon. We gazed in hushed awe at the intricately carved stonework, as fine as lace, in a soaring Jain temple, then negotiated our way through a phalanx of hawkers and beggars on exiting. We witnessed mind-numbing poverty on overcrowded city streets from the safety and comfort of our air-conditioned tour bus, then risked our necks careening through crowds and cows, dust and garbage in an auto-rickshaw to Jodhpur’s oldest Sardar Market. We rode camels over the dunes at sunset, then chased the sunrise by Jeep safari to observe the time warp that is rural India. All-dressed-up elephants carried us to the Amber Fort; all-dressed-up Marwari horses took us by carriage to the spectacular Taj Mahal. It was incredibly special to mingle with the crowds at the annual Camel Fair in Pushkar, to experience the hospitality (and an amazing meal) with a local family in Jaipur, and to be invited to join in on Diwali in Deogarh- even setting off our own fireworks! I shall be processing India for some time to come... Kim and I are now looking forward to our next Craig adventure: Croatia with Oberammergau in 2020!

What a beautiful adventure you have shared with your daughter, Adele! Thank you for being part of the Craig Travel family and Happy Mother's Day!

Week 18

Don Wharram's best memory in the Spice Islands

"My favourite part of the Spice Islands trip was the visit to the native village in Papua New Guinea. The head man of the village was a dynamic leader -- his favourite food was dim dim (boiled flesh of white people). In the photo he is answering the question of one of our fellow voyagers. My wife and I had the pleasure of being escorted around the village with two of his children. The kids were eager to show us where they and other members of the family lived. As threatening as they appeared to be, these people were most hospitable, proud of their heritage, and happy to share information about their way of life."

Don had the opportunity to join David, Roslyn and Robert Craig on the exceptional Holland America Line cruise around the Spice Islands in celebration of Craig Travel's 50th Anniversary. Thank you for joining in the festivities and for sharing this special moment with us, Don. 

Week 17

Bob Cameron's best memory in Jerusalem, Israel

"Very hard to choose one of many "best memories" on this trip but while in Jerusalem we visited the Western Wall of the temple mount and while taking the casual tourist approach to seeing this legendary site I decided to go one step further. I approached the wall along with many others, I touched the wall with both hands and immediately felt a sort of power surge go through my body. I didn’t pull away but couldn’t figure out what it was. Finally I backed away and the feeling was gone. Amazing and mysterious." 

Bob's mysterious exploration of Jerusalem and its famous Western Wall was one of the highlights and best memories of his third journey with Craig Travel. Thank you for sharing and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!


Week 16

Kathryne Phillips' best memory in the Netherlands

"My best memory with Craig Travel was from the Holland and Belgium Waterways trip from April 2014 where we had the opportunity to witness the resourcefulness and creativity of people responding to the needs of their land. While visiting the Netherlands, we explored the solutions the Dutch employed to protect their nation from the constant threat of flooding and storm surges. While it was a delight to explore the dykes and windmills, it was eye-opening to explore an incredible solution, the Deltaworks Project. This dam is extraordinary not only because it was built, but by how it was built: pure imagination along with feats of engineering and manufacturing. To learn that the people created and built new kinds of machinery needed to construct this massive project made us feel that anything is possible when people’s lives and well being are at stake; it was a magical solution.

Coming from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, we experience the world’s highest tides of 53 feet plus. Thanks to the ingenuity of the 18th century Acadians, we have a series of dykes that have permitted expanded agriculture along with protection of the lands they protect. So it comes as no surprise that I would be so taken with this life- and country-saving storm surge barrier: this miraculous invention and engineering innovation at Neeltje Jans. The Dutch were creative in the 18th century with their magnificent windmills, like the ones we experienced at Kinderdijk; they are as beautiful and effective as ever and, along with the Deltaworks Project, a testament to the endurance of the Dutch people.

The first journey I took with Craig Travel was the Russian Waterways trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg in September 2010. We had a remarkable lecturer who brought history and the future of Russia into living technicolor. It was an extraordinary trip that brought a wide variety of experiences and the forging of new friendships. I have been on three journeys with Craig Travel, one freestyle trip to Spain, and two others we unfortunately had to cancel but the amazing Craig Travel team helped turn that into a positive too. Thank you for all the wonderful adventures offered and all the assistance provided. We love travelling with Craig Travel and hope to sign on to a new adventure in the near future."

Thank you so much for sharing your memory with us, Kathryne! We look forward to many new experiences with you in the future!


Week 15

Mary Birch's best memory on Magdalena Island, Chile

 "The joy of seeing these beautiful creatures in their own environment. We were told they have the right of way so if they are crossing your path it is up to you to stop for them. It was so nice to see them up close and to see what a rookery actually looks like. We enjoyed a ferry ride to this place and they provided us with a nice box lunch which we munched on en route. It was a happy, happy day all the way around. The scenery on this South American Explorer cruise was absolutely breathtaking."

Thank you for sharing your best memory with us, Mary, and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 14

Sandy and Jim Thomson's best memory in Antarctica in 2004


"Our best memory of our travels with Craig Tours is our first trip.  In February of 2004 we were part of the Craig tour of South America and the Antarctic. There were more than 200 of us on the tour, and we all received Red Winter Jackets and Black Toques to wear on the trip.  The jackets were a wonderful gift to keep us warm on the cruise and they were also very helpful in identifying our fellow Canadian Craig touring friends.  Whenever you saw a red jacket you knew they were Canadians. The tour started in Santiago.  There were several stops along the Chilean coast on our way to three days of sailing in the Antarctic.  Then we turned north and stopped at the Falklands, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, flying home from Rio de Janeiro. We have continued to enjoy many adventures over the years with Craig Travels and will be taking our 27th trip with Roslyn and David as they celebrate Craig Travel’s 50th year of providing worldwide travel."

Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us, Sandy and Jim, and for being part of the Craig Travel family!

Week 13

Peter Ridout's best memory in South Africa in 2017

"Our trip to South Africa was full of highlights. Our guide Beverly made it all worth while too. Andrew Robb and his wife were a great support as well. It is hard to forget the visit to the kids in the Theodora Creche. 
Our best memory came near the end of our trip when we saw 16 lions on the hunt. The matriarch of the elephant herd confronted the pride and seemed to say "You must be kidding. Do you see the size of my foot?""

Peter and his spouse have recently joined the Craig Travel family and their exploration of South Africa's wildlife was the best memory of their first trip with us. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us and welcome to the Craig Travel family!


Week 12

Patricia Hurley's best memory in New Zealand in 2017


"Travelling to New Zealand and Australia in February 2017, one of the places I really wanted to visit - as I loved the Lord of the Rings books and movies - was Hobbiton, where they had filmed part of the movies. At our "first night" dinner, I was telling a few of our fellow travellers of my plans, as I had booked the tour from Rotorua before we left Canada. Although we would miss a morning organized tour, and had the afternoon free, I wanted to make sure I would get there... When I told the tour director of our plans, they were not aware of Hobbiton but were glad we made them aware we would miss the morning tour for that day. When we arrived in Rotorua, my travel companion and I did the Hobbiton tour the next morning, and the other 20 or so travellers did the planned outing to the hot springs and sheep shearing. To my surprise when we returned on the bus around noon from a fabulous tour of Hobbiton (one of the best and most organized tourist places I have ever been), there were at least 16 of our fellow travellers - including one of the tour directors - running for the afternoon tour bus to Hobbiton sandwiches in hand! On their return, everyone had really enjoyed the tour including one of the ladies who had not read the books or seen the movies - but she thought her grandchildren would be impressed if she went - and she loved it. The entire trip to New Zealand and Australia was fabulous. But I think the side trip to Hobbiton was a surprise highlight for many - and certainly for me!" 

Patricia has recently joined the Craig Travel family and her adventure to Hobbiton, New Zealand, was the best memory of her first trip with us. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us and welcome to the Craig Travel family!


Week 11

Marguerite Beggs' best memory in Greenland in 2014

"Ken and I chose a repositioning cruise in the fall of 2014. The ship was the Eurodam and the cruise name was Viking Explorer or similar. We embarked from Copenhagen then visited Bergen, Shetland and Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and disembarked in New York City. Our cruise also included a hurricane and our respect for the crew and the Eurodam was hightened after sailing through 25 foot seas. While sailing through the fjords in Greenland we visited an Inuit settlement. One hundred natives lived on a shelf and fished for sole as their main source of income. The purpose of the visit was to deliver fresh produce, pizza (a real favourite), and supplies. We were not allowed to have contact with residents due to their remoteness and inability to fight any of our germs. So they sent a boat out with a small girl who waved her thank-you. She just beamed as she was the star of the show. That moment and scenery were so memorable to us. That trip really gave us a sense of the remoteness and beauty of the North and their peoples." 

Marguerite and her husband Ken have been travelling with us since 2012 and her Holland America Line cruise to Greenland was the best memory of the 3 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 10

Lynne Raybould’s best memory in East Africa in 2018

“It is funny that I find that my favourite memory usually comes from my most recent trip and this one is no exception. I had dreamt of going to Africa to see the animals for years and it finally came true last September. The whole trip was absolutely amazing – everything that I dreamt of and more. When we went out on safaris morning and evening, we would start out with our driver meandering around trying to find something interesting for us to see. We quickly learned that when he sped up and started driving purposefully, we were in for a special “treat” (as our driver put it). We had seen lions, elephants, buffalo, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, zebras and much, much more, but we hadn’t seen the elusive leopard. Every morning when we got in the car we would say “find us a leopard today Chris”. We did get to see the fallen tree a leopard had been sleeping on until it decided to leave right before we got there, but no leopard. Then one day we went hurdling along bumpy, dusty roads and got to a spot where more than 30 cars had congregated. One was even a full-size bus! We had a great time watching all the cars jockeying on the narrow road as they manoeuvred to get in and out of the viewing spot. We still had no idea what we were going to see as our driver was keeping it a surprise for us. When we finally got to look, there it was - our first leopard, lying in the brush beside the road! We were ecstatic! We saw so many wonderful things on the trip, but nothing measured up to the thrill of seeing our first leopard. It is memory I will keep in my heart forever.”

Lynne has been travelling with us since 2016 and her latest adventure to East Africa was the best memory of the 3 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 9

Gerrie Heard's best memory on a cruise along the Amazon river in 2014

"First I must say that every trip I have taken with Craig Travel has been an adventure! There are so many places that I have been to (mainly with Roslyn and David) but I think my best trip has to be my first trip in 2004. My Dad had promised me a cruise after the death of Mum (1996) and it was finally happening! I must add that they were both long time Craig travellers.

The cruise we went on was the Prinsendam's inaugural trip down the Amazon. I have always had a desire to see the world and visit places that were very interesting and had a different look from what we see every day. I had never been on a cruise before, well unless you count our trip from England to Canada when we emigrated in 1957! The cruise down the Amazon River was amazing. It was nothing like any waterways that I had ever ravelled on! So mouth was so wide that you couldn't see the other side and the colour was unbelievable! We had to move very slowly as the water had so much silt that it could cause us to run aground or hit a sand bank. The silt shifted constantly and therefore such a danger. (We had taken on a pilot that took over the captain's job as he was very familiar with the moving sands of the river.) We stopped at a few places on the way to Manaus. It was a lovely relaxing and interesting trip. We got to see different cultures and villages---quite an eye opener!

At Manaus we saw the meetings of the Amazon and the Negro Rivers---like night and day. Truly a sight to behold plus the added bonus of the pink dolphins! The most amazing part of this trip was travelling with my Dad, which was the start of a 10 year wonderous holidays. Each trip was selected by him and never disappointed. He made the trips extra special and we both had a fantastic time. On this trip it was total learning experience and to be able to actually be in places that you only read about or see on TV, well it was the start of many 'dreams come true'.

Each trip seemed to have its own 'side' adventure. On this particular one it was the excursion in which the motor on our sight seeing boat conked out and we were sitting in the croc infested waters while our boat was takig on water. We were rescued in the end by another boat well after and unfortunately missing another excursion BUT it was so much unexpected fun. This inaugural 28 day trip for me got me hooked on cruising. Want to take this opportunity to thank Craig Travel for giving me such amazing and memorable trips, they are truly trips I will treasure. Oops , now I need to go and get the photo albums and take a trip or 2 or 3 down memory lane."

Gerrie has been travelling with us since 2004 and cruising down the Amazon river was the best memory of the 17 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 8

Walter and Juanita Murray’s best memory in Israel and Jordan in 2018

Walter and Juanita shared a poem with us that they wrote together after their exploration of Israel and Jordan. “It is a poem/song entitled “What a Friend!” to illustrate the Highlight of many friendships formed under different circumstances. The photo illustrates the spirit of ‘friendship’ at the center of our trip - a wonderful highlight we will long remember.”

"What a Friend!"

"What a friend we have in Brian; all our gripes and griefs to bear!
Brian knows our every weakness: lesser men would curse and swear!
Have you fears about your limping; that your leg will start to swell?
To the hospital he gets you. Lois now is doing well.

Have you trials with digestion? Is your ‘shut valve’ on the bum?
Are you feeling down and out-ish? Brian has Imodium.
Do you feel locked in a washroom; feeling cries will only fail?
Our shepherd guide comes to the rescue; calms the storming heart of Gail.

Some are left wing; some are right wing: Politics is in the air.
If you want to soar like eagles; you will need both wings up there.
I am short in sight and vision; can’t read a nametag on your chest.
Thus, I may not read you rightly. Write your own verse; do your best.

What a friend we have in Andrew; sings and acts and never stops!
Seeks the lost and all who loiter; finds Patricia in the shops!
What a friendly group we are now: quiet talk and gentle chat.
No loud shouts or booming laughter--except by those from Medicine Hat!

Praise and thanks to father Brian; and to Andrew, Brian’s son.
And Ibraham, our guide with Spirit. Thank you, each and every one.
What a time we’ve had together! Each of you a joy to know.
What a privilege to journey back to Canada and snow!

Words: Walter & Juanita Murray
Music: Friendship”

Walter and Juanita have been travelling with Craig Travel since 2012 and discovering the beauty of Israel and Jordan was the best memory of the 2 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Walter and Juanita and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Photo courtesy of Sirpa Haikonen

Week 7

Mary Ann Beaulne's best memory in China and Tibet in 2013

"In May 2013 I was on a fantastic trip to China & Tibet. The overnight train trip up to Lhasa was an adventure in itself but one of my best memories of Shangri-la is having the opportunity to sit on the back of a yak. There are not many places where one gets a chance like that!"

Mary Ann has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2005 and discovering the beauty of China and Tibet was the best memory of the 13 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Mary Ann and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 6

Valerie Villemaire's best memory in Israel and Jordan in 2018

"It was very difficult to select just one « best » memory from this very busy spiritual pilgrimage. Our 19 day itinerary was packed with many wonderful biblical sites. But I decided to chose our visit to Wadi Rum, where some of the epic historical drama Lawrence of Arabia was filmed... it was an awesome « fun » day: driving in open Jeeps, riding camels, climbing up a sand dune & eating a traditional Bedouin meal."

Valerie Villemaire's exploration of Israel and Jordan was her first time travelling with Craig Travel. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Valerie and we hope you will create new memories on future adventures with Craig Travel. Welcome to the Craig Travel family!


Week 5

Bonnie Saveall's best memory in Sri Lanka in 2015

"One of my best memories of trips taken with Craig Travel comes from my very first Craig trip that I took with my best friend in February 2015 to Sri Lanka and The Maldives. Our escort on this trip was Donna Rombough and we had such a great time with her. The entire group bonded so well and every day was an adventure of sights never before experienced and camaraderie around the dinner table each evening. From visiting the elephant sanctuary to the temples to the tea plantations to the desert - there were so many interesting things to see and do that I was amazed each and every day. It was a fantastic trip that I am so glad I took and it got my husband and I started on travelling with Craig. We have since gone to Alaska, on the Rhine riverboat cruise and on the Russian Waterways trip as well as having two trips booked for 2019. We can't wait for the next adventure to begin." 

Bonnie Saveall has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2015 and her very first trip with Craig Travel exploring Sri Lanka and the Maldives was the best memory of the 4 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Bonnie and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 4

Judy Kwanisca's best memory in Namibia in 2014

"This was the first time Craig Travel went to the beautiful southwestern African nation named Namibia. We stayed at the Inter-Africa Lodge. Very early in the morning as we stood with our jackets on waiting in cool temperatures, out of the desert sands of the Kalahari came the bushmen. Although they did not speak English they were able to tell us about their life by using pantomime and actions." 

Judy Kwanisca has been travelling with Craig Travel since 1996 and travelling across Namibia on our very first exploration of this fascinating country was the best memory of the 5 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Judy and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 3

Diana Patterson's best memory in Russia in 2010

"It was in September 2010, when my friend and I travelled from Moscow to St. Petersburg. We experienced the sights, sounds and history of Moscow, which I enjoyed immensely. In particular, the Moscow underground system with its many beautiful stations is simply fabulous and a history lesson in itself! Our lecturer on our ship, Tatyana Kozlova, was fantastic throughout the entire trip. She took us on a historical journey that was both astonishing and enlightening. St Petersburg was magnificent. Out of this world museums and architecture. But the most significant part of the journey for me, was in Uglich. After a walking tour of the former Uglich Kremlin, Craig Travel organized a traditional dinner in the home of a lady by the name of Ludmila. We were in a group of twelve, warmly welcomed by Ludmila, her mother, her daughter and her infant grandchild. Four generations living together in one small apartment. We learned the 'proper' way to drink vodka (a shot of vodka, followed by a slice of dill pickle!) and the importance of cabbage in their diet. Delicious food was served up with discussions of education, economics, politics, and religion. Ludmila was a very gracious host. It was sharing a meal with this family that meant the world to me. A truly great experience.  I still talk about it! An added bonus to this trip was meeting new friends. Two ladies from Newfoundland have become my good friends. We have visited Newfoundland and they joined us on our journey to Holland and Belgium with Craig Travel. I have been on a couple of other trips with Craig Travel, the Tulips in Holland and Belgium as well as to the lower Danube. Both were great fun! Thank you all for organizing such fabulous journeys for us all. It is very comforting having an escort on our trips.  All travels, questions and queries are dealt with promptly and efficiency. I hope to travel with you again in the very near future."

Diana Patterson has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2010 and sailing through the waterways of Russia on our 2010 river cruise was the best memory of the 3 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Diana and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

Week 2

Lorhel White's best memory in Greenland in 2002

"When we were on a cruise called “Iceland & The Atlantic Isles” in 2002 ,we were nearing Greenland and in Prince Christian Sound. There was something huge and white right outside our cabin window! I screamed “Iceberg”-  so close I felt that I could have touched it! My first iceberg! I can still remember the excitement and wonder of that moment! As it turned out there were many “first moments” of wonder on that voyage, but this one stands out as the most memorable!"


Week 1

Win Hibbins' best memory in Half Moon Cay in 2016 

"Seeing and experiencing the island of Half Moon Cay for the very first time: It certainly seemed like it was indeed a 'paradise' that you never wanted to leave. I had my picture taken under the sign at the beach which says, 'I wish I could stay here forever!' What is forever impressed on my memory? Forever is the crystal clear, warm water, the finest and whitest of sand. Wandering down the walkways and roads I was enveloped by the succulent vegetation and flowering shrubs that naturally caused you to relax and enjoy your stay, albeit it just for a day!  What a memory!"

Win Hibbins has been travelling with Craig Travel since 2007 and visiting Half Moon Cay aboard Holland America was the best memory of the 6 trips taken. Thank you for sharing your Best Memory with us Win and for being a member of the Craig Travel family!

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