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With spring now upon us, our minds are undoubtedly thinking about the coming "green" season. And nowhere is this more relevant than in Ireland, the Emerald Isle and the destination that reminds me most of lush greens, wonderful coastlines, quaint villages, wonderful, friendly faces and, of course, the local pub - the centre of Irish social life. This year we are seeing more interest and more flights to Ireland than ever before. And could there be a better way to put the blahs of our long, frigid winter behind us than anticipating a journey to this ever-so-enchanting destination?

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Our New Zealand / Australia adventure was coming to a close….last stop, Sydney.  Nestled around its magnificent harbour, Sydney is a lively, multifaceted city, the pride of its citizens and the gateway to Australia.

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Well here we are at the end of our trip
It has gone by at quite a zip.
Nairobi was the city of our first day
Weary we were after that long way,
But up bright and early the very next morn
To the elephants whose mothers were killed for their horn.

What fun it was to kiss a giraffe -
That will give the folks at home quite a laugh.
Then to Sweetwaters to sample the tent camp
Only thing missing was a big bright lamp!

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When you travel, you may find it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Travel jitters, unfamiliar beds and jet lag can all interfere with quality sleep.  When this happens, it can reduce your ability to think clearly, react quickly and deal with stress.  Disrupted sleep may also make you an unpleasant travel companion and even weaken your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to illness.  Try these trips to maximize your sleep.....

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Alberta Wilderness - Credit J. Holmeshaw

We are working hard at Craig Travel to reduce our environmental footprint. Last year through our shredding and recycling program we were fortunate enough to save 36.8 trees from destruction.  A big thank you to our partner Shred-It for helping us breathe in some fresh air!

According to industry estimates, every ton of recycled paper:

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Our pilgrimage to Israel in November 2013 put us in touch with our religious roots. We walked along the roads where Jesus walked, sailed the waters where Jesus and his disciples sailed, sat along the same hills where Jesus taught and healed. We gained new insights as we placed familiar Bible stories into their  actual context.  And an expert local guide greatly enhanced our experience.

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Excerpt from the Mayo Clinic newsletter...

Travelling can be fraught with sources of stress, whether it's cancelled flights, language barriers, bad weather, unexpected detours or unrealistic expectations.  When stress strikes, it can trigger a variety of short-term health problems, including headache, indigestion and insomnia.  Stress can also aggravate chronic problems such as heart disease, digestive disorders, skin conditions and pain of any kind.

You can reduce the negative impact of travel stress with these coping techniques....

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The Canadian Maritimes
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

July 10, 2014 – 12 Days

Each year we receive requests from you, our travellers, for new destinations and new itineraries.  In recent years, there appears to be more interest in exploring various parts of Canada, and more specifically, the byways and centres of the Maritimes – Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.

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Another St. Patrick’s Day has passed and the green beer is put away for another year, but this special day brings back fond memories of a tiny land of emerald green, jolly Irish folklore and cherished legends.

Below us, as far as the eye could see, a patchwork quilt in many shades of green appeared,  as our aircraft made its descent into Dublin.  Its hard not to fall in love with a place that welcomes you with such a stunning sight before the wheels of our aircraft even touch the ground.

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When the story of Alpine Wonderland 2013 is told, it centres on an amazing group of truly wonderful, kind-hearted, cheerful and very upbeat people who came together for 16 days to see and experience much of what is- in my opinion- the very best of what Europe has to offer. With the most glorious weather one could ever wish for from beginning to end, and an itinerary of my own creation devised to showcase Europe at its best, the stage was set for one of those genuine “once in a lifetime” journeys of discovery.

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